Michigan Colleges Online – Online Course Development Guidelines and Rubric

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This site contains the course development guidelines and rubric for development for online course for Michigan Colleges.  The guidelines and rubric are available here: http://www.mccvlc.org/~staff/content.cfm?ID=108

The guidelines identify the issues that faculty at Michigan community colleges should address when developing online courses to be offered through the MCCVLC. By appropriately addressing these guidelines all members of the MCCVLC can be assured that the Articulation Agreement can be utilized without additional scrutiny and all members are assured that the courses on the MCCVLC website are of the highest quality and provide exceptional learning experiences for their students.

These guidelines have been developed based on reviews of guidelines and other documents from The American Council on Education, The Higher Education Program and Policy Council of the American Federation of Teachers, The North Central Association Higher Learning Commission, American Association of Higher Education, and The Michigan Virtual University. Additional input was received during the ETOM Higgins Lake Retreat on May 29-30, 2001.

A Task Force of MCCVLC Advisory Council members and faculty have designed a rubric to accompany the guidelines. The MCCVLC Online Course Guidelines and Rubric are intended to assist member institutions with developing online courses of quality. Member institutions may elect to utilize these guidelines in a variety of ways. This instrument may be utilized as a self-assessment tool by faculty when developing courses for offering online. The instrument can be used to review courses already developed. The instrument can be also used as a tool for peer-to-peer review of courses within an institution or with other institutions.