Excelsior College: Identifies MOOCs and Open Educational Resources for Proficiency Exams

Excelsior College has identified free–or inexpensive–online courses for students to use to prepare for proficiency examinations.  The resources are listed in their study guides for those exams.  According to William M. Stewart, a spokesman for the college, they are looking to MOOCs as they develop as additional resources for this purpose.   He said that MOOCs and competency based examinations are part of the “post-traditional era of higher education.”  Even in this new era, however, “the world still requires some credible evidence, credible proof, that you’ve learned what you say you’ve learned.”

Link to Excelsior College’s “Exam Content Guides and Documentation” page.

Excelsior College “A Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER)

Excelsior College Examinations (ECEs) page

Quotes for William M. Stewart are from Inside Higher ED