Promoting Academic Integrity in Online Education

Cover of Special Report

This Faculty Focus Special Report on Promoting Academic Integrity in Online Education contains 9 articles from Magna Publications’ Distance Education Report newsletter.  It also contains a version of Lori McNabb and Michael Anderson’s “101 Ways to Maintain Academic Integrity In Online Courses.”  This professional development handout they developed at the University of Texas Telecampus is often quoted, but has long since disappeared from the internet.  While the special report was originally published in 2010, most of the topics covered are still pertinent to online education and academic integrity.

The special report is available here: promoting-academic-integrity-in-online-edu1

The report is also available on the Faculty Focus site.

11 Strategies for Managing Your Online Courses

11 Strategies for Managing Online Courses Booklet Icon

Faculty Focus has released a special report that contains reprints of articles from its Online Classroom newsletter.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Syllabus Template Development for Online Course Success
  • Virtual Sections: A Creative Strategy for Managing Large Online Classes
  • Use Participation Policies to Improve Interaction
  • On the Road Again: Keep Your Computer Happy!
  • Making Visible the Invisible
  • Internal or External Email for Online Courses?
  • Trial by Fire: Online Teaching Tips That Work
  • The Challenge of Teaching Across Generations
  • 10 Ways to Get Reluctant and Downright Scared Students Enthusiastic About Taking Online Courses
  • Playing Catch-up: How to Come Out From Behind When an “Unexpected” Broadsides Your Efforts
  • The Online Instructor’s Challenge: Helping ‘Newbies’ 19

The Special Report is available here.

Or, here: report-11-strategies-for-managing-online-courses

10 Principles of Effective Online Teaching: Best Practices In Distance Education

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This completion of articles by Lawrence  C. Ragan, Director of Instructional Design and Development for Pen State’s World Campus, first appears as a series of columns in Distance Education Report’s “Between the Clicks” Column.  The principles were first developed at Penn State’s World Campus to help faculty focus their investment of time in online learning.  Ragan identifies barriers and limitations that could be potential problems or barriers, and outlines specific strategies to help faculty meet instructional expectations.

The principles are:

  •  Show Up and Teach
  • Practice Proactive Course Management Strategies
  • Establish Patterns of Course Activities
  • Plan for the Unplanned
  • Response Requested and Expected
  • Think Before You Write
  • Help Maintain Forward Progress
  • Safe and Secure
  • Quality Counts
  • (Double) Click a Mile on My Connection

The booklet is available here.