Faculty Focus — Tips for Online Instructors: Managing Files, Feedback, and Workload

Eileen F. Schiffer has a useful article over at Faculty Focus about time and workload management in the online classroom.  Schiffer points out:

 Establishing a regular presence in the online classroom, grading assignments and discussions, and maintaining records and notes from term to term are all time consuming – but essential – tasks. Learning to take care of the details of online teaching more efficiently makes it possible to be more effective in your teaching.


She provides some useful insight into managing offline content (but used to support online courses), the use of rubrics, and providing student feedback.

Original post at Faculty Focus


Managing Your Time When Teaching Online

This video is from the University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts (COFA.online Gateway).

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Online classes are not bound by scheduled class times, and it can be very easy to spend too much time teaching and managing your students in this environment. This Learning to Teach Onlinehttp://bit.ly/d18ac5 episode highlights some important issues regarding managing your teaching time online. It examines some of the benefits and potential pitfalls of online teaching related to time, and offers some practical tips and suggestions on how teachers can make their online teaching more effective and productive.