New Online Only Proposal for California Community Colleges

Ashley Smith at Inside Higher Ed has a piece on California’s effort to launch a statewide, online only college.  They are not looking to compete with the 114 current brick-and-mortal community colleges nor with other online initiatives.  The state’s two-year institutions are trying to solve California’s problem of the more than two million Californians that have some college but have never completed a degree.  Right now they are looking to provide the community college system’s Board of Governors with three options to consider.

California Community Colleges logo - Online ONly

The president of Cerritos College, and co-chair of the group developing the three options said,

What we’re trying to do is provide access to a population we’re not serving.  We’re trying to look to the future to provide as many options for upward mobility given the changes in the economy and population in the state.

According to the article, they are aiming to serve “the 2.5 million Californians with some college and no degree, 48 percent of whom are from Spanish-speaking homes.”

The three online only options currently under consideration are:

Option 1: Creating a separate online college is housed at current community colleges, but serves students across the entire state.

Option 2: Creating a voluntary consortium of colleges which would collaborate to create the statewide online college.

Option 3: Creating a 115th college supported by the chancellor’s office but with its own president.

The plans are to grow the new entity to about 45,000 students within the first seven years.

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